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“My son has been at Chilverleigh for over 2years. He absolutely loves the place, the other kids and the wonderful staff. It is his home away from home. He is a child with additional needs and he has progressed significantly since attending Chilverleigh. The staff are caring, loving and treat all kids equally. We are going to miss Chilverleigh when we start school next year. I would recommend this daycare to anyone who has a child that needs extra help. It is daunting at first leaving them but they learn to fit in so well and you will be suprised at how much they learn and grow. Thank you for everything Renee. We will never forgot our time with you and your wonderful staff at Chilverleigh.”
Melanie, Parent
“My son started once a week at Chilverleigh in February 2013. Given his age (9 months) and once-a-week attendance, it took a while for him to settle in. The staff were caring, attentive and patient, yet honest with how he was progressing. I’m glad to say he’s over the hump (fingers crossed!) and seems to be enjoying himself. It’s also fantastic to have a Director who is hands on at the centre, and who communicates regularly and personally with the parents.”
Michelle, Parent
“My daughter absolutely loves her day care! She has been at Chilverleigh for nearly 2 years now and I am constantly surprised (and pleased!) at her development. The baby chickens that were there just recently had her talking for weeks! Not to even mention the police and ambulance visits. The staff are very attentive and I feel very comfortable dropping her there knowing that she is in good hands. I cannot speak highly enough about Chilverleigh and recommend it to anyone who wants the best care for their children.”
Martina, Parent
“My son has been at Chilverleigh for just 2 months and we have seen a big development in him on all aspects. I was anxious when first time I left him, the staff made me really comfortable to leave him at centre. They are friendly and professional. I can see my son learning things everyday. I would highly recommend Chilverleigh to other parents.”
Emily, Parent
“I am thrilled with the care i get at Chilverleigh! My son has been at Chilverleigh for over 2 years. My son is forever learning new things from healthy diet and exercise to looking after pet chickens to recycling. He came home one day counting in Japanese!!! The teachers are of a high standard and are very attentive. My son has formed great friendships there. The director of the centre is also very attentive and pays great attention to detail. She strives for the best care and service so no stone is left unturned. I feel so comfortable with dropping my son there. I feel very lucky!”
Melissa Gow, Parent
“Our daughter Ayana has been going to Chilverleigh for about a year now. We have seen an immense amount of development in her on all aspects. The carers are extremely good and it have been a great support system for us. The other programmes the centre runs in parallel like farm animal visit, language programmes etc have all helped with our daughter’s overall awareness and development.”
Karuna, Parent
“I would highly recommend Chilverleigh Early Learning child care. My son has grown in self confidence and has developed in leaps and bounds since sarting at Chilverleigh. The staff are very friendly and the children always seem happy. This child care service goes one step further by offering additional services to parents by offering the services of specialists to talk about Child Behaviour, car seat restraint safety etc…”
Bettina W, Parent
“My son commenced with Chilverleigh at 3 months old, I was very anxious leaving my son for the first time, the staff made the whole experience an easy one. The communication between the staff and parents is great with summary sheets at the end of each day and a scrap book with details on what your child has been up to. My son’s development has grown greatly since starting at Chilverleigh, which I believe the teachers have influenced his growth. The centre facilities are great, with a chief and all the staff are professional, caring and have a common interest: my son.”
Nicole, Parent
“My 10 month old son Jesse started attending Chilverleigh 2 days per week recently and we couldn’t be happier with his care. I went along with him for 2 half day trials before he enrolled and was highly impressed by the staffs’ commitment and professionalism. They really work hard and take great care of the kids. Jesse loves the food, has good sleeps and it’s obvious he is thoroughly enjoying his days. Communication is also very good with photos and summaries of each days activities, monthly newsletters, information sessions and other info. The hours suit us very well and we would highly recommend this centre.”
Patricia, Parent
“We have been delighted with how happy and settled our son is at Chilverleigh. The staff are friendly and the facilities are fantastic. Chilverleigh go out of their way to ensure that our son is educated whilst having fun to the best of his ability. Its been a huge success for us.”
Hannah, Parent
“My daughter has been at Chilverleigh for two years and we are very happy with the centre. Their preschool and school readiness program is comprehensive and the staff well trained, dedicated and caring. I considered sending my child to school this year but decided on another year at Chilverleigh. My daughter is enjoying day care more than ever, being given challenging activities to keep her interested and lots of fun playtime to keep her happy.”
Lisa, Parent

Welcome to Chilverleigh Early Learning

Chilverleigh Early Learning provides exceptional long day child care for children in Thornleigh and surrounding areas. Our highly regarded long day care provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for children aged 0-6 years.

Chilverleigh Educators

Our skilled and exceptional educators develop an age appropriate curriculum for each stage of your child’s development. Children are encouraged to explore all learning areas and to enjoy creative, diverse and meaningful experiences in the large outdoor and indoor play areas. We believe in providing opportunities for your child to develop to their full potential.

Family Child Care

Chilverleigh is a family run child care centre which has been operating since 2006. Many of our children have joined us after referrals from other families. We understand the importance of the relationship between children and their families and we support open communication between our families and our educators. Parental involvement and feedback is encouraged.

Servicing Thornleigh and surrounding areas

Located on Chilvers Road in Thornleigh our child care centre is open Monday to Friday 7:30am to 6:00pm. It is open 49 weeks of the year, including school holidays.

We look forward to establishing a long lasting relationship with you and your child.