Our Centre Philosophy

At Chilverleigh, we endeavour to assist children to grow and develop as individuals who engage in both individual and collaborative learning. We teach and motivate children in a learning environment so as they can become mentally, emotionally, socially, and culturally prepared to grow and learn. We display a deep respect for children’s play and see play as the major learning and developing tool for young children. Children are encouraged to have input and make decisions relating to their learning, fostering a strong sense of self esteem and independency.

Educators continuously act as a suitable role model by showing wonder in their environment, seeking out learning opportunities and undergoing professional development.  Educators enable children to explore, whilst encouraging participation in all learning areas and experiences at Chilverleigh.

We strongly see collaboration between the home and the centre as important for a child’s early childhood development. The relationship created between home and the centre will assist a child to achieve his/her full potential. This inextricable connection will also assist educators in planning to meet children’s individual needs and ensure that Chilverleigh Early Learning environments are comfortable and inviting for children. Chilverleigh Early Learning continuously encourages family participation in all decisions, policies and experiences created and decided upon. We embrace the importance of collaboration between educators, families and communities when planning for children’s needs and development.

We accept that there are diverse families within our wider community and at Chilverleigh. We value and respect, children, families, educators, and the wider community with their diverse values, beliefs, languages, cultures and child rearing practices. We understand and reflect that we all differ in our provisions to children and embrace and nurture these differences. We provide access to inclusion and are committed to full participation of all children including children with additional needs. Chilverleigh works closely with support agencies and community services to facilitate the inclusion of children with additional needs. Collaboratively, we provide families with individual support plans to ensure children’s needs are met.

Studies have proven that a child’s early development is determined by their daily environment and experiences, therefore we are using this critical window of opportunity in a child’s life by providing them with many positive social and learning opportunities, to ensure each individual child’s healthy development.

We also believe on the provision of warm and loving attachments for a child in their younger years with adults, which are critical to intellectual development. Studies have shown that adults who are warm and responsive, who cuddle and talk to children and provide challenging learning experiences, promote strong emotional bonds and secure relationships for children. Based on this research Chilverleigh has planned, designed and developed a learning environment which embraces the natural world and promotes a home- like nurturing environment.

At Chilverleigh, we engage in environmental and sustainable practice. The children at Chilverleigh are encouraged to participate in planned experiences which support their engagement with and respect for the natural environment. This in turn, provides children with a sense of responsibility for caring for the environment and aims to implement strategies which support children to be environmentally friendly.

Chilverleigh Early Learning provides children with the opportunity to engage in open- ended play using varied and challenging materials in order to extend children’s learning and development. Chilverleigh Early Learning embraces the Early Years Learning Framework in supporting our program and practice. By linking our program and practice to the Early Years Learning Framework we are ensuring that children of all ages are seeking to aim towards learning outcomes. These outcomes are achieved through educator supported play- based learning and open- ended opportunities and experiences.

This philosophy is created to guide the operation of the service and the delivery of the education and care program for our families, educators and community.