Our Director

Anyone who knows me well can see how much I love working with children. I get a thrill out of watching children grow and succeed, and this is why I have chosen to provide quality childcare as a profession. I had always known I was destined to care and educate children, I just didn’t know in what capacity. After completion of my HSC I attended TAFE for two years and earned my Associate Diploma (Child Studies). During my studies I worked casually in long day care centres gaining immense knowledge and skills. On completion of my Diploma I had the opportunity to work under an outstanding teacher, a fantastic mentor and role model. I realised I had found my niche in life and travelled to London to be a nanny for one year. On returning I enrolled at University and completed my Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) in 2004. During the next few years my family and I started planning the centre that we have today. The year of 2006 began and so did Chilverleigh Early Learning.

The following information in this website is extensive, please read over it thoroughly and talk to me about any queries you may have. You are welcome to call me at any time during child care hours.

I believe parent/provider communication is the key to a successful childcare relationship; therefore my team and I strive to work with you to provide a happy and safe environment for your child.

As a provider of childcare, I can only imagine the tasks you have at hand to choose a childcare provider for your young child.  We can assure you that the educators and management at Chilverleigh Early Learning strive to offer the absolute highest quality of personal and individualised childcare possible.

At Chilverleigh Early Learning we believe that our childcare centre and parents should complement each other in influencing the future of your child.  In order to foster a true partnership between family and childcare, your involvement is always encouraged and at times, necessary.  We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children.  It is our responsibility, at Chilverleigh Early Learning to work in union with parents to assist their child to continue to develop to their full potential during their time with us.

We hope that our website will help you in your selection of a childcare provider.  Our focus is to have you and your child adjust readily and happily at this important time in your family’s life.  In particular, we hope that your time at Chilverleigh Early Learning will be a happy and exciting experience for both you and your child.