• Love of Learning Morning Tea Love of Learning Morning Tea

    Love of Learning Morning Tea

Love of Learning Morning Tea

Chilverleigh’s annual Love of Learning Morning Tea was held on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 June for the Kindy and Preschool Rooms. During the morning our lovely Parents, Grandparents and even Great Grandparents shared some unique experiences with the children including observing the Japanese classes in action. The children’s enthusiasm for their Japanese lessons was clearly on display.

Our guests also enjoyed a delicious morning tea before spending time with the children in their rooms. Guests in the Kindy Room enjoyed a unique rendition of “Open, Shut Them” led by Toni. There was just as much excitement in the Preschool Room as our guests participated in creative activities with the children both in the classroom and outside in our outdoor play area.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the mornings. We hope you had an enjoyable time.



Monday 4th August 2014

Monday 4th August 2014

Commonwealth Games

Today the children participated in their very own edition of the Commonwealth Games. Today, the children  focused on ball skills. We learnt about Netball which developed our throwing and catching skills as we could participate in these skills with our partners. Some of the children expressed an interest in playing soccer as they wanted to kick the ball to each other or see who could kick the ball the longest distance. While soccer isn’t a sport played in the Commonwealth Games, we continued to develop these ball skills anyway, as this was taken from a children’s interest. We had all used so much energy that we needed a big drink afterwards!

Learning Outcome: 3.2 Children become increasingly responsible for their own health and physical wellbeing.

All About Me

Over the past few weeks, the children have become more aware of their independence and their place in the world. To further extend upon this experience, we have decided to talk ‘All About Me’.
Today, several of the children lay down and butchers paper as we traced their outline onto the paper, allowing them to paint it with a range of colours. This experience allowed them to express themselves creatively whilst recognising facial features of themselves. We will continue to look at other interests such as favourite colours, and some of the friendships we have made in the room. We are very
excited to be exploring this topic.

Learning Outcome 1: Children develop knowledgeable and confident self identities.

 Group Time

During Group Time, the children participated in a variety of music and movement activities as well as listening to stories that interest them. We read ‘A Monster Wrote Me a Letter’ about a boy who
receives a letter from a monster, […]

  • Monday 13th January 2014 Monday 13th January 2014

    Monday 13th January 2014

Monday 13th January 2014

Welcome to the Kindy Room 2014!

Welcome to the Kindy Room! We are all so excited to start the New Year with some familiar faces and some new faces, too. To get the children familiar with each other, we all sat together and sung songs, read stories and talked to one another about our new room. Emily showed the children where they bags went, and made sure they all remembered where to put their things.

Today we welcomed a number of children from crèche: Lucas, Ethan G, Savannah, Noah, Sophie, Rhys, Ariz, Kenzie and Phoebe. As well as this we welcomed back a familiar face from our Kindy room last year, Kane, and some new, fresh faces, Erin and Emily.

Today we introduced the children to the room, getting them comfortable in the environment and giving the children the opportunity to explore their new surroundings. The children happily played outside together, laughing and giggling with their peers.

The Kindy children all really enjoyed free play outside today, but especially the time that they spent playing on the fine motor tables – drawing, colouring and playing with the connector blocks.

What a great first day of the year! Today has been a lovely day, and all of the children have had an excellent time. We look forward to the rest of the week, introducing the children to the room, and to all the different learning activities we immerse them in each day.

  • Welcome to our New Website Welcome to our New Website

    Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to our New Website

We have been busy creating a new website and Facebook Page for Chilverleigh Parents and Guardians.

Our Daybooks will be published regularly online, access to this area has been restricted, with only Parents from each room registered to view the content.

You can also subscribe to our Calendar – just hit the subscribe button and select the calendar you would like to sync with.  You won’t miss a reminder or important date again.

If you haven’t already found our Facebook Page, here is the link so you can “Like” us https://www.facebook.com/chilverleigh

If you would like to discuss any part of our online strategy or content, please feel free to contact us.

We hope you enjoy our new look!