At Chilverleigh we aim to ensure that our enrolment and orientation process is fair and equitable. In order to ensure your child receives the appropriate level of care it is important that you submit all the forms required prior to us assuming responsibility for your child.

We require the following information:

  1. Enrolment form (My Family Lounge).
  2. Staff Information Form.
  3. Copy of your child’s birth certificate.
  4. Copy of the complete record of immunisations (must be current and a copy of the Medicare Immunisation History Statement).
  5. Signed consent for child to receive medical treatment/medicine.
  6. Signed policies and procedures agreement.
  7. Signed authorisation for child to be taken off the premises in case of an emergency
  8. Signed Direct Debit Request Form.
  9. Signed Release Form for Digital Media
  10. Your initial payment of a refundable Bond (two weeks fees).

You are also required to keep us informed of any changes in personal details (address, telephone number etc), new information in relation to medical conditions or any other significant changes in circumstances as they arise including additional childhood immunisations.


You must re-enrol your child if your child is staying with us (either in the same room or moving up to the next room). Parents are required to complete new registration forms, which must be handed to the Director, no fee will be charged for re-enrolling.