Arrivals and Departures

Your child may only leave the premises of Chilverleigh, and be given into the care of; a parent of your child, an authorised nominee named in the child’s enrolment form, or a person authorised by a parent. (Education and Care Regulation 2011)

Your child may also leave the premises if they require medical, hospital or ambulance care or treatment or because of another emergency. (Education and Care Regulation 2011)

Sign In and Out

Sign In and out attendance forms will be at the entrance of each room. Parents or authorised person must sign your child in and out daily; there is no compromise on this policy.  We also ask that the parent or authorised person arriving or departing with your child advise staff of their presence.  All children must be collected from the centre by a responsible authorised adult (over 18 years of age). If a permanent change needs to be made to your list of authorised persons to pick up your child, advise the Director Immediately. Please notify us in advance if someone else will be collecting your child that day. If they are not authorised on your enrolment form to pick up your child a ‘Permission to collect’ form must be completed.

Photo identification will need to be presented to educators on pick up of child if they have not met the collector before. No child will be released into anyone’s care without written permission from a parent.

Each family will have their own ‘pigeon pocket’, which will be placed, outside each room. These pockets are provided for parent information. Please do not forget to check them daily.


  • Please make sure your child has had breakfast before they arrive in the morning, morning tea is not offered until approx 9.30am (Crèche) and 10.00am (Kindy /Preschool), which can be a very long wait for children that have not had breakfast.
  • Please do not bring breakfast to the centre.
  • Sign in and write time entry on attendance sheet.

If the child’s routine will need to be changed for the day E.g. they did not sleep well the night before and will need two sleeps, this should be dated and noted in the  parent communication book.  Please notify room leader or another educator of this change. (The room leader will check the parent communication book daily as part of their routine).

  • Record details of any Medication with staff member on a Medication form.
  • Directly hand medications to staff member in charge of your child. No medicines are to be left in bags or lockers. They will be placed in the locked medication box out of reach of the children.
  • Place nappies in your child’s nappy locker.
  • Take your child to a staff member before you leave.
  • Always say goodbye


  • Sign out and write time departure on attendance sheet as well as initials.
  • Collect medication (not to be left at centre over night).
  • Sign medication form to show medication has been given to child.
  • Collect mail from ‘pigeon pocket’ and your child’s work for the day.
  • Take nappies out of your child’s nappy hole if it is their last day of care for the week.
  • Check communication log to gain information about your child’s day and if there are any messages left for you from the educators.
  • Advise staff that you are leaving with your child.