Orientation Process

Once you have received confirmation of enrolment at Chilverleigh we encourage you and your child to visit and  become familiar with Chilverleigh before your official start date. Families are encouraged to stay with their child for as long as is needed during the settling-in period.  When you have left your child we encourage families to make contact with Chilverleigh and we can provide you with information on how your child is settling in.

Daily Schedules

Each room will have a generic schedule which will be on the pin board outside each room. The schedules are a guide and assist educators in organisation of the room. The routines in the room are extremely flexible and change each day according to the child’s individual needs.

The First Day

It isn’t always easy!

For some children this will be their first time separated from their parents. It is important that you talk to your child about coming to Chilverleigh Early Learning and what they can expect. Some children are happy to leave their parents as soon as they see all the play equipment and their friends; however, some children are more reluctant and shy. Whatever the case, be positive, reassuring and honest. Be encouraging and patient; be sure that this is what you want for your child, because if you are reluctant, they will be too.

“An anxious parent makes for an anxious child”

If you have any reservations about leaving your child, please speak with the Director.

“When you are ready to leave”

Tell your child that you are ready to leave and will be back later in the day to pick them up. Never leave without saying goodbye. Once you have said goodbye, leave quickly.  If you have arrived home or at work and you are still concerned about how your child settled in for the day, please give us a call. Please remember that the centre is only a phone call away; do not hesitate to call us to see how your child is getting along.  Your child’s happiness is important to us; do not hesitate to discuss any problems you may have with the Director.