Parent Participation

Parents are encouraged to become actively involved at Chilverleigh Early Learning. Educators and management welcome parent’s suggestions and input. Possible ways in which parents can contribute include:

  • Staff meetings
  • Providing extra supervision for incursions.
  • Be part of your child’s day by coming along and being involved in their daily activities, please advise your child’s educator if you desire to do so.
  • Decision making when reviewing policies, procedures and the centre philosophy

All family members are welcome to visit Chilverleigh Early Learning at any time.

Parent Grievances

The Parent Grievance policy is located outside in the front foyer for all parent convenience. There are also informal complaint forms if you require to lodge a complaint. We ask that you attempt to discuss all issues with the Director before taking this avenue. All grievances and complaints are investigated and documented in a timely manner. Complaints may lead to amendments to policies and procedures as required.

General Guidelines for Informal Concerns

Step 1

A prearranged time should be set-aside for a staff member to speak to the parent. The staff member taking the grievance will fill out the ‘Parents Informal Grievance Form’. They will listen to the concern and discuss the concern with the Director and relevant staff members.

Step 2

Staff/s member/s and the Director will then go through the form, listing strategies to overcome the concern. The grievance will be put into the ‘Grievance Register’. This register is useful in order to see patterns/trends and for management to be aware of any concerns that may grow.

Formal Grievance

All formal complaints should come directly to the Director.