Centre Policies and Procedures

1.2 Centre Philosophy

3.5 Parent Grievance Procedure

3.9 Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy

4.1 Fees Procedure

5.3 Enrolment and Orientation Procedure


12.1 Handwashing Procedure

12.2 Nappy Change Procedure

12.2a Toilet Training Procedure

12.4 Health Hygiene and Safe Food Practices

12.5 Infectious Diseases

12.10 Medical Conditions Policy

12.12 Consent to Administer First Aid Procedure

12.15 Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness

12.16 Emergency and Evacuation Procedure

12.17 Emergency Evacuation – Fire Procedure

12.19 Handling and Storage of Dangerous Products

12.23a Sun Protection Policy Children

12.33 Supervision of Children Policy

12.33 Undertaking Building and Equipment Maintenance

13.1 Governance and Management

13,2 Prescribed Records to be kept

13.3 Retention and storage of Records

13.4 Confidentiality of Records

Appendix 1 – Minimum Periods of Exclusion

Appendix 3 – Medication Record 2012

Appendix 6 – Injury Illness Record 2012

Appendix 10 – Emergency Evacuation Floor Plan

Appendix 24 – Medical Conditions and Allergy Permission Form


Asthma Action Plan

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating 2013

Changing a Nappy without spreading germs

CPR Chart

Exclusion Periods Explained

Immunisation Schedule 2013

Kids First Aid for Asthma

Staying Healthy in Childcare