Welcome to the Kindy Room 2014!

Welcome to the Kindy Room! We are all so excited to start the New Year with some familiar faces and some new faces, too. To get the children familiar with each other, we all sat together and sung songs, read stories and talked to one another about our new room. Emily showed the children where they bags went, and made sure they all remembered where to put their things.

Today we welcomed a number of children from crèche: Lucas, Ethan G, Savannah, Noah, Sophie, Rhys, Ariz, Kenzie and Phoebe. As well as this we welcomed back a familiar face from our Kindy room last year, Kane, and some new, fresh faces, Erin and Emily.

Today we introduced the children to the room, getting them comfortable in the environment and giving the children the opportunity to explore their new surroundings. The children happily played outside together, laughing and giggling with their peers.

The Kindy children all really enjoyed free play outside today, but especially the time that they spent playing on the fine motor tables – drawing, colouring and playing with the connector blocks.

What a great first day of the year! Today has been a lovely day, and all of the children have had an excellent time. We look forward to the rest of the week, introducing the children to the room, and to all the different learning activities we immerse them in each day.