Japanese Language Lessons

At Chilverleigh all children enrolled in our Kindy and Preschool rooms will have the opportunity to participate in Japanese language lessons.

The lessons are held on Monday and Thursday from 10.30am –11.30am. The children are divided into 4 groups; two groups of Kindy children (8 in each group) and two groups of Preschool children (10 in each group).

Our lessons are taught by Yoko Costelloe, who is very knowledgeable and skilled in the education of Japanese language to young children. She founded and is the Principal of Hornsby Japanese School where she continues to teach Japanese today. To learn more about Yoko please click here.


Yoko Costelloe teaching Japanese at Chilverleigh.


Chilverleigh children enjoying their Japanese class.

The Japanese Syllabus

Japanese Syllabus 2-3 Years
Japanese Syllabus 3-5 Years