Thursday 5th August 2014


Ayana suggested making the volcano again today as she still feeling excited about making the volcano yesterday. Ayana, Olivia, Madison and Martin went out to the garden and dug a few holes in the soil to form the volcano basement. Then they went inside and each of them filled a plastic bottle with vinegar and followed by water. After that, they added food colouring and dishwashing liquid to the bottle. Then each of them put a small yogurt container on top of each basement and with soil around. They started to put the ‘volcanic ash’ into the containers. A few more children stoped play and had a look. The ‘volcanic ash’ made bubbles and as the children were add more, the bubbles running down from the top to the bottom of the basement just like the erupt from a volcano. As Martin requested, Madison mixed her colour into Martin’s volcano and they were really excited to see the result. The watered vinegar worked as well as the pure vinegar as it made enough bubbles.

This experiment developed children’s exploration skills, problem solving skills, the gravity and the mixing of different properties.

Oil and water experiment:

Four Children mixed water and oil with a water

bottle each to see if water and oil could mix together.

The used red food colouring as well to see better.