Tuesday 14th January 2014

We  would like to welcome you back to Chilverleigh. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break.

We have had a very busy day today and have spent our morning playing with all the new toys and resources freely available. Simone  along with Libby, Eirwen and Justin enjoyed the kitchen set up. They engaged in this dramatic play for a period of time. They would pretend to eat the food.

As the day progressed we took the children outside and they were content in being out in the fresh air and sunlight. The sand pit was a favourite as always. Elizabeth showed her enthusiasm as she independently approached the painting that was set up. She took her time spreading the paint over almost the entire surface.

Each year we display family photos on our wall, it would be great if you could also bring a current photo so that we can add it to our family tree.

I look forward to spending more time and getting to know your families and helping the new children settle into the creche setting.