Developing our gross motor skills:

Today the children participated in some fun planned activities with their educators, working on their gross motor and hand-eye coordination skills. The children were given a ball to play with and showed a developing understanding of sharing skills. Jade and Scarlett threw a pink ball between each other, laughing as they played.

Over the next week the children will be participating in Commonwealth Games themed activities, learning about sharing, gross motor development and fine motor skills. It has been great to see the children expressing themselves through planned and unplanned experiences, and giving themselves the opportunity to develop their skills in a fun and exciting group environment.

                   Music time with Monica:

Before lunch today Monica sung some nursery rhymes with the children. The children listened intently to Monica sing ‘Baa-baa black sheep’ and ‘the wheels on the bus’.

The children had a great time jumping up and down and dancing to Monica singing, laughing hysterically and Monica and I pulled funny faces at the end of each song.

What a lovely Tuesday, Creche!

These activities extend upon the EYLF:

Learning Outcome 3.2: children develop their fine motor and gross motor skills

Learning Outcome 4.1: Children are confident and involved learners.